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The Gentlemen - An Unsympathetic Gentleman (2024) (aflevering) 

Engels Each episode is essentially a bigger nonsense, with an excessive amount of total idiots among the characters, but if I said I didn't enjoy watching it, I'd be lying through my teeth. Essentially, it was just another digression as part of delaying tactics, but I could have a pretty decent laugh and find out that English nobility collects almost anything (just like many other "special" people without titles). / Lesson: German shepherds often hide a true gourmet inside them.


Undercover - Episode 3 (2021) (aflevering) 

Engels Episode three felt different from the previous one —I  was even ready to write about the shift in atmosphere and the noticeable drop in action. What a fool I was! I totally underestimated the Koreans because after that wild ending, I had to check in the mirror to make sure I didn't have any blood splatters on my face. What I said about the change in atmosphere still stands, though. The police investigation, the action, and the various stakeouts (even if some were a bit naive) were just as entertaining as the previous gang training scenes. / Lesson learned: In crime? Always take out the scumbags; second chances are dangerous.


Undercover - Episode 2 (2021) (aflevering) 

Engels Alright, so now I'm hooked on two shows where I'm apparently supposed to root for drug dealers and their associates. Honestly, I'm struggling with that a bit, so in a world where I have to choose between the mafia and crooked cops, I’m sticking to my neutral ground and enjoying the solid, action-packed spectacle the Korean creators have crafted. I'm having a good time so far, and the clear bonus for me is the lack of political correctness. There's no reason for me to rate it less than four stars. / Lesson learned: Porcelain urns have their advantages.

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The Gentlemen - An Unsympathetic Gentleman (2024) (aflevering) (E04)


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The Gentlemen - Where's My Weed At? (2024) (aflevering) (E03)


The Gentlemen - Tackle Tommy Woo Woo (2024) (aflevering) (E02)


Yu Yu Hakusho (2023) (serie)


Jú jú hakušo - Episode 5 (2023) (aflevering) (E05)


The Gentlemen - Refined Aggression (2024) (aflevering) (E01)



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Dobročinnost? Já?

FeriusParfax ve mně svým včerejším příspěvkem v Deníčku probudila něco, z čeho se později vyvinula strašlivá nasranost, a já jsem tak včera poprvé v životě přispěl na dobrou věc. Je pro mě asi typické, že jsem tak neučinil z čisté dobročinnosti ale ze vzteku a z mocné frustrace, kterou ve mně opakovaně vyvolává náš justiční systém. A protože se mě ten vztek pořád ještě drží jako pověstný exkrement košile, nechávám tady odkaz pro ty, kteří to cítí podobně a mohou obětovat alespoň stokorunu.