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After his father's death, the grieving Peter (Stephen Fry) invites a group of college friends, who have been separated for 10 years, to a New Year's Eve reunion at his English countryside estate. In scenes by turns funny and sad, they talk over old times, reassess their life choices, and finally come together to help each other through an unexpected crisis. (officiële tekst van distribiteur)


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Engels An interesting group of friends, along with some partners, gather at Peter's estate for New Year's Eve. It's the kind of gathering that every psychiatrist dreams about; they could build a clientele to last them until retirement. The movie boasted some stellar performances, even though the plot wasn't as good. However, the dialogue and the good old English humor kept that fourth star shining. Beyond the cast and the positives mentioned earlier, I was captivated by the fictional dresser, the exhausted Brian constantly delivering exhausting humor, and the opening cabaret number that would leave the current champions of gender equality from the European Union and the United Kingdom in awe. Peter's friends remained my friends even on a rewatch, and catching up with them again brought me joy. / Lesson learned: Watch out for giant snowmen. They like to strike back. ()

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