Na alle avonturen in Hot Shots heeft Topper Harley (Charlie Sheen) zich teruggetrokken om bij een klooster als klusjesman te gaan werken. Hij wordt gevraagd voor een geheime missie waar hij het reddingsteam moet redden dat het reddingsteam ging redden dat krijgsgevangenen van de Golfoorlog moest gaan redden. Met een grote knipoog naar o.a. Rambo en Commando gaat Topper de uitdaging aan, geholpen door de president, waar enkele schroefjes flink bij loszitten. (Columbia TriStar Films)


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Engels For me, the absolute number one among parodies, and even better than the first part. The creators have once again put together a group of great actors who perform one crazy gag after another on the set for an hour and a half, and even after the tenth viewing you are guaranteed to find a joke you didn't notice before and laugh like crazy again. If you haven’t seen it yet, stop procrastinating and get your hot shots quickly because you don't know what they're missing. Where else can you see how to shoot a chicken with a bow, how to kill a man by throwing a bullet at him, or how to fly around the sun in a helicopter? ()


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Engels I can't help it. This is simply one of the best parodies I have ever seen, which is why it has such high ratings. Actually, along with the first "Naked Gun" film, it's probably the best thing I've ever seen and it has influenced me a lot. Incredibly funny, I now realize just how many references there are and what movies they are actually referencing. I only understood some of the jokes today. Beautiful. The "Scary Movie" series can never compare to "Hot Shots." It's such a shame that humor has disappeared from parodies. This is clear proof that it's possible. ()



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Engels An excellent parody sequel from the day when this genre was not just all about copying scenes from their more famous colleagues, everybody getting hit in the head and farting. Although Part Deux does not reach the standard of part one, but even so, it has a wealth of original ideas and so the viewer can forgive the creators the very few really lame moments. ()


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Engels The bloodiest film of all time and one of my favorite parodies up there with the first installment. A brilliantly cast Richard Crenna parodies Colonel Trautman without having to worry about any retribution. Lloyd Bridges doesn't put his previous performance to shame. Only Valeria Golino's spaghetti scene is no match for the fried bacon. Although the second installment is only two years younger, I can't help feeling that it aged much better than its predecessor. To sum it all up, it was hilarious as hell. ()

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