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Agent Ichabod Crane (Johnny Depp) krijgt de opdracht het mysterie achter de moorden in het dorpje Sleepy Hollow te ontrafelen. Dit blijkt een moeilijkere opgave dan gedacht. Met behulp van gezond verstand, maar ook magie en naïviteit weet Crane de moordenaar op te sporen. Tijdens zijn zoektocht wordt hij bijgestaan door de dochter van zijn gastheer en de zoon van één van de slachtoffers. (United International Pictures)


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Engels Watching this movie again brought back some nostalgia, and I vividly recall how much it blew me away on the big screen two decades ago. Not that I didn't enjoy it today, but let's be real – the screen at home just doesn't do it justice. The film's got this awesome dark atmosphere, solid tension, and characters that are both well-written and a bit bizarre – classic Tim Burton just the way I like him. Plus, they nailed it with Christina Ricci in the lead female role. I mean, come on, if you've seen her as Wednesday Addams, you get why she's perfect for these parts. And hey, Miranda Richardson's there too, and I've been a fan for ages. So, despite any flaws, there are a lot of positives here for me. / Lesson learned: Don't lose your head. ()


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Engels Visually and musically, a breathtaking experience. Burton proves with every shot that in the 1990s there was no one who could adapt the mood of the scenes exclusively to the nature and colours of the environment so thoughtfully. Many of the scenes are absolutely brilliant and the thick atmosphere presses the viewer into their seat, the actors led by the then still likeable Depp, Gambon and the traditionally demonic Walken only accentuate everything good. It's just a pity that the film gradually fits more and more into the box of innocent fable, which by its deliberate expressiveness and self-awareness knocks the otherwise peculiar horror story down a notch from the highest filmmaking league. Still, there has probably never been a better made and more entertaining homage to the scary genre in Hollywood. 85% ()



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Engels A purely Tim Burton affair with the usual combination of family/fairytale atmosphere and haunting environment. Against the backdrop of Danny Elfman's enchanting melodies, the viewer is treated to a proper dose of bat and human head chopping, and the resulting great feeling of chills running down the spine, mixed with occasional light-hearted atmosphere in the foreground, featuring the excellent neurotic Johnny Depp. ()


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Engels An ode to imagination and filmmaking style. Tim Burton has the gift of extraordinary style, which makes his films something otherworldly, teeming with imagination in every detail, in every color. Sleepy Hollow is without a doubt the most artistic horror I've had the pleasure of seeing, with immense visual care in every shot, and every shot has the magic that only real masters of imagination can do. You might argue that Sleepy Hollow is nothing more than a rather haunting story from the late 18th century, mixed with a decent detective story, but in my eyes there's much, much more. As in Burton's latest film, Big Fish, Burton's fascination with the world of rationality and imaginative dreaming and their eternal encounters is evident in Sleepy Hollow. Johnny Depp's Ichabod Crane is not just a cutely insecure character with the self-confident mask and grimaces of an actor from old horror films - he's another of Burton's characters who discovers that not everything is illuminated by rationality and irrationality is an integral part of our world, our lives. But why these analyses? Sleepy Hollow is a film with a perfect horror atmosphere and an irresistibly macabre sense of humor, candy for the eye and soul at the same time. A film that, unlike single-watch thrillers a la The Sixth Sense, does not lose the ever-bewitching magic of moving images. Vivat Buton! ()


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Engels A stylishly polished spectacle, perhaps the most visually interesting piece by Tim Burton. The choice of props and sets, along with the makeup of the actors and the lighting of scenes, intentionally creates an almost theatrical atmosphere, paying homage to the classic horror films of the 1930s. Excellent performances by Johnny Depp, the devilishly repulsive Christopher Walken, and the sweetly fragile Christina Ricci. The charming jokes shamelessly belittle my beloved rational enlightenment and pay tribute to the world of myths and fairy tales. Overall impression: 95%. ()

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