Elke 5000 jaar wordt het leven op Aarde bedreigd door het Kwaad, en ook in de 23e eeuw nadert het onheil. De enige die het onheil kan voorkomen is een vrouw, het Vijfde Element. Zij wordt geholpen door de taxichauffeur Corben Dallas (Bruce Willis). Samen moeten ze op zoek naar de andere vier elementen. (Buena Vista International)

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Engels The story, which takes us from 1914 to the 23rd century very quickly, has been waiting 20 years to be realized. It’s therefore not surprising that it is not accessible to everyone the first time they watch it. It's part parody of a parody and part celebration of fantasy. I am happy for Moebius and Maïwenn Le Besco. ()


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Engels It's a real pity that Chris Tucker is involved. As entertaining as he usually is, here he is more annoying and ruins an otherwise great movie with his performances. The same can be said about Luc Besson himself, who, despite having created a wonderfully fantastic world with a fascinating mythology, couldn't hold back his imagination in the middle part, making the storyline feel a bit cluttered and rushed (especially regarding Corben's development). The biggest strengths of the film are, of course, the adorable Milla Jovovich and the slimy Gary Oldman. ()



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Engels An incredibly colorful and visually stunning affair that entertains, occasionally even captivates, with its legendary wisecracks and visual-effect-laden, overexposed sequences. It also forces reflection on an interesting mix of genres and visual styles, with a plethora of movie stars overseen by Europe's directors and the scent of a legend, which this film has certainly become over the years. It's all too wild and crazy for higher ratings, but in many aspects, Luc Besson could teach his colleagues a lot with this film. ()


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Engels A pastiche of boredom and grayness, despite being artfully wrapped in loud colors. I think I might even have liked The Fifth Element... If it weren’t for one detail. Constant attempts at unintentionally infantile “humor". And I didn’t swallow Besson’s game of pretending that this has a large, rich and chiseled mythology behind it. The Fifth Element has its moments, but, considering how long it is, there are too few of them. ()


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Engels This action film with elements of comedy is far from perfect, but its excellent cast and original vision of the future alone will attract everyone. The story itself is also very well crafted and although the film is almost two hours long, there are hardly any dead or boring spots. As far as the actors are concerned, Gary Oldman, even with his strange visage, commands a lot of respect and proves that he can play bad guys like few others. Bruce Willis certainly doesn't disappoint his fans either, as he fires several magazines, smashes up his car and stuffs his superiors into a fridge. Chris Tucker, on the other hand, is the biggest weakness of The Fifth Element and Bruce should have kicked his ass the moment he saw him. Don't expect a miracle, but this interesting film full of action and funny lines deserves to be remembered. ()

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