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Orin Boyd is een politieagent die zich niet aan de regels houdt. Nadat hij de vice-president gered heeft door elke regel te overtreden wordt hij naar één van de slechtste wijken van Detroit verplaatst. Daar komt hij enkele corrupte agenten tegen die heroine verkopen aan drugsdealers. (Warner Bros. Pictures)

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Engels Probably the last good Seagal movie, so let’s treasure it. It’s certainly not particularly high quality, but compared to the productions that we have seen the former fight guru appear in over the past few years, this movie was a gift sent from heaven. Too bad that the makers didn’t manage to keep the quality level up as high as at the beginning, because that would have made this into an above-average picture. Neither the action, screenplay nor the directing are at all ingenious, but are at least passable. As a result, Exit Wounds is a solid movie for one viewing only. ()


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Engels After several big flops, this is the latest thrilling and truly action-packed Steven Seagal flick. Even though it's not old school anymore and instead of Japanese flutes, we have the atmosphere colored by African Americans, it has something to it. Andrzej Bartkowiak surprisingly manages to seamlessly combine two such different things: old fox Steven and the modern edge of hi-tech action popcorn. Other surprises are the unusually high-quality action scenes (the shootout in the offices) and above all DMX. This non-actor plays a likable character, from whom you would wish a visit to any car showroom. Surprisingly action-packed and lightly humorous entertainment that stands out from the master's filmography not only for its stylish direction and strongly American motifs but also for the unorthodox approach to the main hero's story (an outsider). ()



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Engels The last Seagal film that’s worth watching. A really good film that suggested a big comeback that never happened. I have to say that in hindsight it doesn't really matter that much. ()


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Engels Considering the stuff Seagal was doing at the time time, it's an above-average action flick. Seagal should kiss Joel Silver's feet for taking him into his good graces and temporarily pulling him out of the shitty waters of subpar direct-to-video stuff. This film was supposed to be his return to the limelight, but unfortunately (fortunately?) it didn't happen, as evidenced by his latest creations. ()

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