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Marketing-wonderkind Kelly Jones (Scarlett Johansson) wordt ingeschakeld om NASA’s imago op te krikken en daarbij maakt ze het Cole Davis (Channing Tatum), die de leiding heeft over de maanmissie, flink lastig, waardoor de spanningen hoog oplopen. Als de president besluit dat de missie hoe dan ook moet lukken, moet Jones als back-up een in scène gezette maanlanding filmen. En dan kan het aftellen pas echt beginnen... (Pathé)


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Engels I'm a bit squeamish about space movies showing/appearing to show astronauts boarding a rocket at the last minute, or that there's still a lot that can be accomplished just before the countdown begins (to avoid spoilers, I won't write more), and I don't think these things need to be even in a romantic comedy. But Take Me to the Moon is also the kind of film that doesn't take itself entirely seriously and that you'll be happy to forgive a lot, though not everything. Like Channing Tatum, who didn't quite fit the role. The film hinges on Scarlett Johansson, and if she wasn't convincing, all further efforts would have been in vain. Fortunately, she gives a great comedic performance. The script is funny, the period atmosphere supported by Daniel Pemberton's music is magically nostalgic, the whole thing has the flavour and aroma of romantic comedies of times past, when the leading couple would have been played by Spencer Tracy and Katharine Hepburn. So if you say the hackneyed "they don't make movies like that anymore" about Take Me to the Moon, it'll be true this time. ()

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