Horizon: An American Saga staat in de lange traditie van iconische westerns van Warner Bros. Pictures en toont de aantrekkingskracht die het westen van de Verenigde Staten uitoefende op kolonisten, ten koste van veel bloed, zweet en tranen. Costner’s ambitieuze films bestrijken de periode 1861 tot 1865, de vier jaren van de burgeroorlog, en nemen het bioscooppubliek mee op een aangrijpende reis door een land dat in oorlog is met zichzelf, gezien door de ogen van families, vrienden en vijanden die allemaal proberen te bevatten wat het werkelijk betekent om de Verenigde Staten van Amerika te zijn. (Pathé)


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Engels I'm not a big expert on westerns, because I'm not really into this genre, but recently I've had the opportunity to see some interesting films that have made me gradually grow fond of the wild west theme. I'm glad that Kevin Costner's Horizon: An American Saga is one of a very narratively and visually engaging film. And most importantly, you can feel and see how lovingly the director approaches the theme, and that he does everything as honestly and sensitively as he can. I think Horizon is his life project and he gives it his all (including his money and possessions). Of course, there is no shortage of great shootouts and nerve-wracking "who'll come out of this alive" scenes, but at the same time the film is full of unusual and simple scenes that bring the everyday life of the settlers to life. How, for example, people newly arrived in the wild west had to get used to the different mood, different routines, discomfort and danger that this inhospitable environment brings. This may seem boring or unnecessary to many, but I appreciate this aspect of the film because it is simply human. For me personally, it helped me to become even more immersed and empathetic to the stories of the mostly female protagonists, who are given a huge amount of space here, which again is very unusual and endearing, as up until now the classic western has been a predominantly male affair. The first part of Horizon sets up several plot lines, introduces a myriad of interesting characters that I assume will intertwine in the later parts, and I'm looking forward to that. [Festival de Cannes 2024] ()


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Engels A nicely outlined western epic with a large number of characters having a diverse palette of conflicts as well as family and romantic relationships. And of course natural locations from multiple corners of America that are a joy to see. Every inch of the film (including Debney’s music) gives us a sense of Costner’s love for the classic genre, which may seem almost kitschy to less knowledgeable young viewers. Horizon doesn’t aim for artistic achievements or creative innovations and is “only” a pure romantic western that, thanks to the planned lengthy runtime, can incorporate marginal scenes of everyday life from the given period, which are something that we have never seen in westerns before. That adds value to the film and – together with the “coming next” at the end – confirms that Horizon is rather a series in film form. Albeit a series in whose case it would be a shame not to see it on the big screen (which means that the spoilerish insert at the end is not a slap in the face). I’m not giving Chapter 1 a star rating for now, since it is only the first quarter of the project and the final impression will depend on the development, integration and outcome of the individual stories. ()


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