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When eccentric man-child Pee-Wee Herman gets his beloved bike stolen in broad daylight, he sets out across the U.S. on the adventure of his life. (officiële tekst van distribiteur)

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Engels What irritated me most about Tim Burton's first feature film was the lead character Pee-Wee. In the first few minutes, I even felt like turning the film off, but I wanted to see how the plot would develop. And I was not wrong, at least not completely. Pee-Wee acts slightly like a dick throughout the film, his antics are off the mark and at the height of awkwardness at times, but that's really not Burton's fault. The story is a bit flimsy, but that doesn't matter. The other supporting characters are also bizarre and at times I got that typical Burtonian vibe from the sets or special effects, which is more characteristic of his other films. In short, it's a film in which you have to deal with the wacky character of Pee-Wee, otherwise it's a pretty passable piece of filmmaking. ()

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