Een dodelijk, buitenaards virus infecteert de crew van een Russisch schip, waardoor iedereen ziek wordt. Wanneer zij door een groep Amerikanen midden op zee gevonden worden, probeert het virus zich verder te verspreiden. De aliens zijn niet erg vriendelijk: hun doel is om de Aarde te overheersen door het menselijk ras uit te roeien. (RCV Film Distribution)


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Engels Lets take parts from films like Alien, The Thing and all the best survival horrors. Given the cast, one might even have a tendency to think that this John Bruno film would be interesting despite the disastrously unoriginal theme, but you’d be completely wrong. The script is exactly as forgettable as the theme, all the promising actors play their meaningless roles like amateurs and seem like they are annoyed, the visual effects are B level (yet they are one of the few things that work), the tension is killed by ridiculous metal monsters... This lame farce isn't even stupid enough to entertain. Which is pretty bad. ()


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Engels I finished watching Virus because of: a) the first half of the film, where the atmosphere was really good; b) Donald Sutherland and Jamie Lee Curtis; c) nice looking robots and semi-robots; d) the Silvestrian-Poledouris-Goldsmith music by Joel McNeely.___I almost didn't finish Virus because of: a) the second half of the film, which is not as decently B-ish, but ugly C-ish to the point of awkwardness; b) William Baldwin and his goofy expression; c) the black guy, who first became a tough guy, then went crazy, wanted to blow up the ship, and then... Well, never-mind; yet in the context of B-movies, it’s a watchable average. ()



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Engels Virus is a reliably entertaining combination of Death Ship and Terminator with a relatively big-budget production but executed as a completely, really totally B-movie (and I don't mean that badly). Jamie Lee Curtis has been heard several times saying that she hates Virus and considers it the worst movie of all time. I definitely would not use such harsh words, because for me it was an enjoyable trashy ride through the well-chosen horror setting of an abandoned ship and with a well-done robotic gore. An underrated movie. ()

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