Eliška Krejčová enthusiastically welcomes the news that she has been hired as a schoolteacher. She does not mind at all that she has been sent to the small village of Lučiny, somewhere near the border. Hora, the local parish priest, is the first whom Eliška meets on her way from the railway station. This atypical priest rides a motorcycle and equips his church with speakers and a television antennae mounted on the church tower, making him the only one in the village who can receive TV. Hora thus attracts many young people to the church. Resolute Eliška, however, decides to get yet more culture to Lučiny. With the help of soldiers from the nearby garrison, she establishes a cinema in the village, arranges the construction of a TV-signal amplifier and organizes a dance party. Young people have skiped going to the church for the first time. Eliška gradually meets all the villagers and her rather hasty evaluation of people causes her several misunderstandings. Driver's mate František Novák was originally a goldsmith, but his naiveté got him involved in the black market trade in dental gold and resulted in a one-year probation. He falls in love with Eliška at first sight and she returns his feelings, without having the slightest idea about his past. František wants to follow the straight and narrow, but driver Emil pushes him again to go astray. He steals cement and buys František's silence by lending him money to buy a motorcycle. When Eliška learns about František's probation, his insincerity makes her split with him. Eventually, however, the two young people explain everything to each other and reconcile. (officiële tekst van distribiteur)