In 1949 wordt de componist Roman Strauss ter dood veroordeeld voor de moord op zijn vrouw. In de jaren 90 verschijnt een vrouw met geheugenverlies bij een weeshuis. Detective Mike Church moet de zaak onderzoeken en het blijkt dat zij allebei een vreemde connectie hebben met de Strauss-moord. (United International Pictures)

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Engels Kenneth Branagh directed a film that could be called Hitchcockian, both in terms of the tension that is palpable and built on a good script and in terms of the humor used, which is a pleasant seasoning. It works brilliantly until the end, where it almost has a touch of Italian giallo in its madness. It was a surprise to me. ()


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Engels Dead Again is obviously an ambitious film directed by one of the most respected British film and theater creators, and as such, it is masterfully cast and competently acted. Kenneth Branagh was the life partner of Emma Thompson until their infamous divorce, and so the chemistry between the two main characters truly works. Unfortunately, the form clearly outweighs the content. The screenplay is overly complicated, with a tendency toward pathos, and Branagh fails to understand that today's era is more civilized than the Shakespearean one. Also, the mysterious content goes over my head and I don't really understand the reincarnation and playfulness with fate. The pathos is dominated by the theatrical bloody finale. Overall impression: 50%. ()


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