Director Lloyd Fellowes (Michael Caine) can't seem to get Dotty Otley (Carol Burnett) to remember which props go where and when, perhaps because she's too distracted by her budding relationship with Garry Lejeune (John Ritter). Frederick Dallas (Christopher Reeve) is having problems at home, which is fine with Belinda Blair (Marilu Henner), who would like him for herself. Beautiful, vapid Vicki (Nicollette Sheridan) is having a fling with Fellowes, which is news to everyone, including stage manager Poppy Taylor (Julie Hagerty) and handyman-understudy Tim Allgood (Mark Linn-Baker). The whole cast is looking for Selsdon Mowbray (Denholm Elliott), who is usually napping or trying to sneak a drink. Hilarious hijinks and mayhem ensue as the show tours the country en route to Broadway and the players have to deal with their personal issues while performing. (officiële tekst van distribiteur)


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Engels "What would Shakespeare say?" I haven't had this much fun in a long time! I'm not afraid to say Noises Off that it is one of the best film-theatre hybrids I know. From start to finish, you watch a dizzying carousel of jokes, and the ones behind the scenes are much, much funnier than the ones that happen on stage. I especially had to marvel at the "jealous" passage and its perfect choreography... The first-rate actors playing actors and non-actors are superb! Michael Caine as the director who (mis)directs the whole thing is hilarious, but also excelling are "superman" Christopher Reeve with his flawless bouts of nosebleeds and Denholm Elliot, whose actor-drunk-robber has to break everyone down. Basically: Five stars!__P.S. Love for theatre and classic comedies is a must when watching this gem. ()


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Engels Though it’s not would-be action-packed revving of diesel engines, this “ungraspable” film deserves the title Fast & Furious. The first screwball third and second slapstick third are clearly funnier than the not-so-amusingly mishandled ending, which is really just too much. I would prefer to see this play (actually these two plays) in a theatre. With Bogdanovich directing. 75% ()


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