Clarence werkt in een stripboekenwinkel, en brengt het grootste deel van z'n vrije tijd door in de bioscoop waar hij kungfu-films kijkt. Op een dag ontmoet hij de prostituee Alabama, op wie hij verliefd wordt. Ze kan echter niet zo maar stoppen met het werk, en dus moet Clarence eerst afrekenen met haar pooier. Tijdens de tumultueuze confrontatie met de pooier komt Clarence per ongeluk in bezit van een koffer cocaïne. Hij beslist deze enorme hoeveelheid op zijn eigen houtje te verkopen en trekt naar LA. (Concorde Film)


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Engels This is Tony Scott’s best film, hands down. A big share of that goes to Quentin Tarantino’s playful script that sets True Romance apart from Scott’s newer good films, like Enemy of the State. This film is not only nice to watch, but it’s at least equally nice to listen to the dialogues. ()


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Engels Aside from Walken's Vincenzo, there's nothing here worth remembering. The dialogue lacks the bite that Tarantino would later apply to Reservoir Dogs or Pulp Fiction. Even Scott doesn't have the form or ideas of his earlier or future films. Slightly above average, it entertains more in individual scenes than as a whole. ()


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Engels Yeah, this is exactly my kind of thriller, with all the trimmings. The 90s, an excellent cast of actors making my ass clench, brutality juicier than in some horror movies, a fast pace, incredibly funny lines, an action-packed ending and I'm running out of breath, a really perfect road movie ride by Tony Scott. 95% ()


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Engels Elvis, comic books, romance, chatty gangsters. And above all, a couple in love who just wants to improve their lives. So be careful, world, because Alabama seems to find murder romantic, and Clarence will do anything for her. Now it's just a matter of having a little luck when several killers are after you, who will stop at nothing, let alone the sight of a gun. And in the end, I couldn't stop myself either. I could have had a thousand complaints that Quentin Tarantino is actually the same since his beginnings, the screenplay rushes too quickly from one place to another, and the dialogue is too absorbed in perfectly nonsensical topics and over-the-top absurdity. But Christian Slater, in his naivety and innocence, is truly a lovable hero, Tony Scott's directing hand is perfectly steady, and the last twenty minutes are packed with tension, surprises, fresh action, emotion – and, really, pretty much everything. On top of that, Hans Zimmer's soundtrack is amazing in that it occasionally lifts the mood, sometimes drives the emotions, and even occasionally slides into irony. A genre mishmash and at the same time a sharply defined darkly humorous singular experience. ()


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Engels The most movie-like movie. Optimistic, light-hearted, except for the scenes with total massacres and the main thing is love beyond the grave. I can’t help myself thinking that this is the sort of movie that says that the world is sometimes a pile of shit, but sometimes it’s very fine. Sometimes. When you have somebody to wander the world with. This is perhaps one of Tarantino’s most restrained screenplays, but this gives his fans a good chance to sit back and enjoy his work. And Elvis! ()


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Engels This is an unusual film for Tony Scott. The brutality and the the camera filters are expected, but self-parody and exaggeration are not exactly commonly seen attributes with which this Hollywood staple presents itself. But Quentin Tarantino's screenplay was more than a quality material, and so it came to what I did not expect. Scott essentially made two very similar films back to back. The captivating and melancholic Revenge and the more cheerful, crazier, and freer True Romance. For fans of classic story structure, true love, nostalgic music, tough main characters, and “American inevitability”, I recommend skipping the romance and going straight to Revenge. For fans of a rough and bloody ride, whose madness and craziness know no bounds, as well as fans of the Tarantino style, I recommend option B. My rating speaks for itself. ()


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Engels It's easy to wonder what this film would be without Quentin Tarantino. Surely it would still have one of the most stellar casts ever, plus the skilled hand of Tony Scott, and an absolutely superb soundtrack by Hans Zimmer. But it would have lacked the soul that Tarantino's wonderfully relaxed screenplay gave it, and the story would have been completely lost. With all that, True Romance is one of the most charming and compelling crime stories I've ever seen, and Christian Slater and Patricia Arquette may be the best couple since Bonnie and Clyde. ()


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Engels Even though the material could have been handled better by the director, I still can’t give less than a four to Tarantino’s script. I imagine that the scene with Vincenzo Cocotti would probably have been one of the film’s highlights had Tarantino been the director. Otherwise, it must be the dream of many men (and possibly women) to have such a cute, blonde, indestructible bodyguard who is constantly smiling and always happy to snuggle. Anyway, I enjoyed the film and if the director shared the screenwriter's sense of humor, I would have enjoyed it beyond 5*. ()


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Engels Although this film is based on Quentin Tarantino's screenplay, it's not something that left a deep impression on me. The film simply didn't entertain me, as if Scott couldn't properly convey what Tarantino intended on screen. Perhaps that's why he later preferred to direct everything himself or leave it to Rodriguez, with whom he simply clicked perfectly. I don't like "True Romance". ()


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Engels A brilliant, almost Tarantino-esque film that fills out beautifully and accurately the ninety-third year, hence the year-long directorial hiatus in Q.T.'s output – a break in the very fruitful period between Reservoir Dogs and Pulp Fiction). I think it's time to look back a bit at the nineties work of perhaps my all-time favorite, Quentin. I've seen Reservoir Dogs, I've seen Pulp Fiction, I've seen Jackie Brown, I've seen Natural Born Killers (which, despite being "just" a Tarantino screenplay, I consider a Tarantino movie in a way). The only thing I missed was True Romance, and I put it off for so long really only because Q.T. didn't end up directing it. However, Tony Scott has some balls too, and once again he took on a superbly layered, thoughtful, and funny script with all the panache he could muster and really managed to wring the most out of the action scenes. The early work of Q.T. was already clearly proving that both in terms of screenwriting (just in the actual construction of the plot) and in terms of being able to get a bunch of interesting characters on screen and create atmosphere through their "mere" actions and behavior, Tarantino was just going to be a whiz. And that Zimmer soft soundtrack in the "romantic" passages was not to be missed! ()