Hynek Bočan's raw psychological drama deals with the Communist fifties and the dissolution of the cult of Stalin. The plot unfolds at a work camp designated for political prisoners. Paradoxically, after the change in the political climate, one of the facility's former high functionaries comes to discover the relativity of the term justice. (officiële tekst van distribiteur)


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Engels A thematically very strong film that, like few others, attempts to come to terms with the oppressive legacy of the 1950s, when one hundred thousand people found themselves in camps and prisons, a burden that mostly marked them for life. The film is dominated by Jiří Schmitzer's convincing performance as the main protagonist. He managed to convey his own experiences from prison, where he ended up after a tragic car accident. His performance is completely authentic and rightfully earned him the Czech Lion award. This drama is interesting for its cast, with several actors appearing in atypical roles (Milan ŠteindlerJiří Krampol, and others), but the average screenplay and direction undermine the overall impression. Overall impression: 75%. ()

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