Distinguished lawyer Frederik Egerman lives with Anne, his picturesque, young wife, his son Henrik, a forlorn student of the cloth, and Petra, the flirtatious yet sensible maid. One summer evening Frederik takes Anne to see a play starring his former lover Desirée, the veteran actress with an equally seasoned reputation. With her glamorous stage entrance and one inviting smile, she sparks the lives of the parties involved into a game of love and loyalty that barely masks each player's percolating insecurities. Through witty dialogue, theatrical direction, and an ensemble cast, director Ingmar Bergman delivers a raw exhibition of human desire. (officiële tekst van distribiteur)


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Engels Even after two years, the conceited husband has not forgiven his young new wife, and the overstimulation causes him to dream of his former lover, still a very attractive actress. The young wife, however, is more attracted to her stepson and the only entertainment she has is with her maid, who also does what she can. But the actress has a jealous lover and he has a passionate wife, but her husband is not jealous of her at all. The unraveling of these adventures is easy - all it takes is a few female intrigues and a night with everyone together in the countryside. And if that doesn't work, we have rollaway beds. All in all, a tolerable adventure with your favorite old Jarl Kulle, Eva Dahlbeck and others. A Bergman film like this won't kill anyone. ()


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Engels Based on my previous experience with Ingmar Bergman, I can say that he is useful rather for those who want to commit suicide or for those who want to increase the profits of antidepressant manufacturers, rather than for viewers who want to genuinely laugh. I went into this movie with hidden concerns because Bergman's comedy All These Women, which I've seen in the past, is by far the worst film from him that I've watched. The truth is that I didn't laugh once, which, however, doesn't say much about the quality of the movie. In fact, Smiles of a Summer Night is a pleasant historical comedy that may not be hilarious, but it leaves a positive impression. The dialogue is nicely polished, with sparks flying between the characters, and the screenplay is quite interesting. Overall impression: 60%. ()



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Engels An Ingmar Bergman's comedy? Well, I have to say, I was a bit on the fence about how it would turn out. And I'm still on the fence after watching it. It's excellently shot, has beautiful visuals, stunning production design, and at times, excellent dialogue. The acting is intriguing because you don't usually encounter actors like these, which is a shame. The Swedes can definitely act. As a whole, however, it didn't really appeal to me. ()


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Engels Brilliant, romantic, fun! Bergman. The amorous outbursts of the social elite have perhaps never looked so interesting and natural, the dialogues in a similarly tuned story have never before sounded so true and bittersweet. Love is the only thing worth fretting about, breaking moral trends for and thinking out loud about on hot summer nights, and Bergman is one of the few who can make a hilarious farcical story about it without turning it into an unrealistic over-sweetened farce. Let's not be unhappy about love, let's watch Smiles of a Summer Night instead ;) 90% ()


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Engels Even a comedy satire by Bergman is Bergman. Interestingly initiated (and completed) themes, but it’s so crazily d-r-a-w-n o-u-t that it harms the movie. But the opening and closing quarter hour get A+ star in my book. P.S.: Jarl Kulle’s evil laughter is the essence of perfection. Without any hesitation, I would cast him in some B-horror about a mad scientist who wants to rule the world. ()

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