Don't Bother to Knock

  • USA Night Without Sleep (werktitel) (meer)


While baby-sitting in a hotel, a beautiful woman (Marilyn Monroe) begins a flirtation with one of the hotel's guests (Richard Widmark). Rebounding from a breakup with his girlfriend (Anne Bancroft), he's willingly seduced by the baby-sitter and ends up in bed with her. When the child wakes up and disturbs their lovemaking, the baby-sitter reveals homicidal tendencies and terrorizes them both. (officiële tekst van distribiteur)


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Engels Don't Bother to Knock is one of the five MM films of 1952. Another noir after Lang's Clash by Night. It was based on the 1951 novel "Mischief" by Charlotte Armstrong. Perhaps the only thing I can say about the film is that MM never became the queen of noir, but critics appreciated her portrayal of the unstable anti-hero and she was better positioned among the faces of 20th Century Fox for years to come. ()

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