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Biopic / Actie / Drama / Oorlog
USA, 2014, 133 min


U.S. Navy SEAL Chris Kyle gaat naar Irak met slechts één missie: zijn wapenbroeders beschermen. Met zijn vaste hand redt hij talloze levens op het slagveld en dankzij de verhalen over zijn heldenmoed krijgt hij al snel de bijnaam 'Legend'. Maar ook achter de vijandelijke linie groeit zijn reputatie. Er wordt een prijs op zijn hoofd gezet en hij wordt het doelwit van rebellen. Ondanks het gevaar, en de tol die het eist van het thuisfront, gaat Chris in totaal vier keer naar Irak en wordt hij het levende symbool van het SEAL-motto: Nooit iemand achterlaten. Maar eenmaal thuis komt hij er al snel achter dat het de oorlog is die hij niet kan achterlaten. (Warner Bros. Pictures)


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Engels A brutal, action-packed, powerful, emotional, properly American patriotic and simply beautifully retold story of a legendary sniper in an actual war. The film is very action packed, there is frequent gunfire, the pacing is decent, the dialogue is classy, the cinematography is slick, Bradley Cooper is perfect, Mustafa the sneaky Arab sniper and Cooper’s biggest rival is also brilliant, he gives a flashback to Enemy at the Gates. Perhaps the only representative of this year's Oscars that really deserves it. I liked Lone Survivor a bit more, but this is also a very solid and engaging affair 80% ()


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Engels Cooper aims high; he wants recognition and Oscars. And he obviously tempted Clint Eastwood into this with a high fee. Otherwise, Clint wouldn’t go for it, as the script doesn’t offer much space for his narrative talent (the emotional scenes with the wife could have been done by anyone). The simplicity and straightforwardness of the film, which does not bring anything new under the helmet and relies solely on the potential of the real Chris Kyle’s fate, will delight on one hand (the film engages viewers without imposing higher demands on them), but due to the use of all sorts of clichés and the absence of its own personality (which the identically construed but less oversimplified The Hurt Locker did have), it is not entitled to any Oscars. Unless the Academy intends to openly admit that it is more about politics than movies. The key action scene (Butcher + drill + boy) has masterful editing. But the second half of the movie needs to be shortened. ()


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Engels Eastwood's precise shot, which is likely to be mistaken for pathos when defending the American way of thinking, stands out above all. This is due to the fact that, despite a significant part of the runtime being spent on the battlefield, it manages to retain a civilian atmosphere, rather giving Kyle's extraordinary "skill" lip service because, at his core, the protagonist remains that pure American redneck who, in Cooper's excellent, paunchy Texan delivery, blathers on about defending the country, and yet you know he means it with unapologetic sincerity; its length and the empty brothers storyline are the only things that the film can be faulted for. Even J. Edgar wanted to look like this. ()


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Engels The film is divided into two parts. One takes place in Iraq and the other in the homeland. Leaving aside the fact that Bradley Cooper plays his role with absolute precision, I must add that everything else is just plain wrong. There is very little going on in Iraq. There are a few key scenes here, but that’s definitely not enough for a good film. Take the first scene, for example. It is a masterpiece in and of itself. However, the two parts intersect in the most suspenseful moment and suddenly Clint makes a cutto the protagonist’s past life in the States. The tension rapidly drops and we’re left with no choice but to watch why Chris left for Iraq to begin with. After a while, the pace picks up and you suddenly realize this movie has zero emotion. Chris is in America, then in Iraq, then returns to America and ends up in Iraq again. All of this with no emotions, unlike in Hurt Locker which worked pretty well in this respect. Here I had a problem watching it to the end. Simply put, I was disappointed. I expected American Sniper to be something in the vein of contemporary war films such as Hurt Locker or Jarhead, but what I got was a completely routine job, which engages neither with its story nor with the locations. ()


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Engels Biography of the sniper from Texas, Chris Kyle, who had about 150 kills scratched into his rifle stock. Eastwood has become a hitmaker in his latter years (90 million views over one weekend!) and a very moderate war movie director. Not so many kills as such, they are restrained, realistic and not even Kyle is counting (he’s so cool). Probably because we all know what a farce Iraq was, there’s no delving into politics. Simply a classic pursuit movie with ragheads with a polite duel going on in the background. The picture pretends that sniping itself isn’t playing the main role, but in fact it’s a conflict with Mustafa and the hunt for Butcher that help the viewer differentiate between the separate tours. The classic development of the Navy Seals and is all too familiar, thank you very much Eastwood for presenting it in more entertaining form. Cooper is very convincing in his transformation from man to robot and back again, at crucial moments he doesn’t act like a hero, but like a psychopath. His dead soul is visible in his cold blue eyes (that’s why Kyle wears sunglasses almost all the time). Movies like Hurt Locker don’t have this, that’s probably why this movie works much better. Emotions come across artificial, but on the other hand the finale works well, sad, even though the main message becomes a little blurred. P.S.: I’m a great fan of the Punisher, so I seriously enjoyed the scene about the “graphic novel". The armor and magazines with the skull stencil looked damn good. Hooyah! ()


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Engels Patriotism is boring. The psychological portrayal of the main character is average. It is neither a high-octane war action like Black Hawk Down, nor a minimalist, intimate piece like Zero Dark Thirty. American Sniper doesn't impress you with anything, except maybe how flat and predictable it ultimately is. It's as if Clint Eastwood had no room for any of his trademarks. You won't feel or resonate with the shots, nor with the dialogues spoken by characters with whom you don't empathise or bear their "burden" on the screen – except perhaps the leading duo. Thumbs up for not being afraid to depict child violence and a few solid action scenes that intertwine with the boring ones that lack dramatic dynamism and better structure – Ridley Scott could give a few lessons – the hell in Mogadishu was much more tangible. ()


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Engels A pleasantly unbiased, melancholic view of a man who was no great thinker, but who meant well. American Sniper does not glorify Chris Kyle, but rather makes him a sad victim of a cruel war and his own noble need to help others. I honestly admit that I was afraid that this would be the second Machine Gun Preacher, from which I was very sick the other day, but fortunately my fears were misplaced. Clint Eastwood also managed to keep most of the dangerous clichés lurking around the corner, and filmed the story with his usual coolly dispassionate naturalism. My only regret is that the film followed a template that I have seen many times before and that it is not a bit more exceptional in its treatment. But I didn't expect the ending (because I knew nothing about the real fate of the main character) and it really touched me. ()


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Engels American Sniper is not about physical suffering in the middle of a battle zone, but rather about the diametrically opposed perspectives that the war in Iraq is subjected to, both from the unsuspecting American public and the direct participants in the bloody conflict, as well as the questionable motivations that drive many young Americans toward their dream of "serving the country”. Eastwood works with a very generic cinematic equation, with his protagonist coming into the war full of enthusiasm and patriotic oaths, only to leave as a broken man who has lost his illusions of honour and the existence of goodness. But what elevates the film to above average is its undisguised aversion to jingoism, which is a flimsy band-aid for doing or perhaps returning to evil, the natural civility of emotion that makes the war and psychological levels blend beautifully, and of course Clint's formal genius, which he still retains even in his 80s. Given the many Oscar nominations, one might think that Americans have a soft spot for Eastwood, but watching American Sniper, as with Gran Torino or Million Dollar Baby, I realized that the popularity is well deserved. 80% ()


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Engels An extended mix of contemporary male cluelessness, declining machismo, and the search for idols. It's a real shame that Cooper's decidedly above-average acting flounders in a film where every five minutes is about something different, and individual scenes end where there should be a confrontation that could at least reveal the protagonist's questionable temperament. There's also not much else to do when you've got the national hero's dad up your ass, making sure the image of his deified son matches his Texas fantasies, and Republican zombie Eastwood behind the camera. The hero's wife is a devastating parody, who right in keeping with the optics of the Southern redneck occasionally threatens to pack up the kids if she doesn't get her way, but if you're able to actively ignore her, she'll still wait for you with open arms, because that's just how women are. It'll get rednecks across the breadth of the Confederate states to join the military, so it lived up to expectations, but otherwise it's a bigoted tunnel of shame that only scores points for Cooper's performance and not messing around, including with dying and tortured children. Arab children, rather. PS: formally it holds to certain standards and it's certainly not terrible. There's even a couple of delicious scenes (the storm in the desert), but next to the formal qualities of Green Zone, The Hurt Locker, Zero Dark Thirty, and The Kingdom, there’s absolutely no reason to add points for that. ()


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Engels I was expecting the film to be about something else, mainly because I didn't want to see anything about it beforehand. It intrigued me how it turned out to be perhaps even surprising in the end, but on the other hand, Clint can't be faulted for mostly avoiding pathos - except for the shots of the real people that follow before the credits and during them. Otherwise, it's a well-directed film, where especially the war scenes are incredible. ()