Fucking Åmål

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De zestienjarige Agnes woont inmiddels anderhalf jaar in het kleine saaie dorpje Amal. Ze is heimelijk verliefd op de populaire Elin, een meisje dat schoon genoeg heeft van Amal. Op een feestje kust Agnes Elin en verandert voorgoed hun levens. (Homescreen)

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Engels At the moment when a “normal” film would start to pick up its pace after 20 minutes, we’re already 80 minutes into Show Me Love and then it ends. Director Lukas Moodysson relies on the simplicity, sincerity and believability of the emotional situations, as well as on both of the actresses, who deliver excellent performances. If I had watched this when I was seventeen, I would have identified with the sensitively depicted teen problems and the movie would have gotten to me. Now, however, it left me mostly unmoved. The only thing I truly enjoyed was the spontaneity of the kiss in the car (with the cleverly turned up soundtrack). ()


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Engels Nearly twenty years ago, the film must have been somewhat more surprising, and it had to have a slightly greater impact on the viewer. But nowadays, when any relationship between the same gender seems normal to me, it's more of a feel-good movie about finding a way to mature, which can be achieved in various ways. Two girls used this method. ()


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