Le Chat à neuf queues

  • Italië Il gatto a nove code (meer)


When a simple robbery at a research institute leads to a series of brutal murders, a blind puzzle maker (Karl Malden) and a tenacious reporter (James Franciscus) begin their own investigation of the crimes. With nine different clues to follow, they uncover a shocking web of twisted genetics and dark sexual secrets that will finally lead them to a shattering climax of violence and suspense. (Anchor Bay Entertainment)


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Engels The script is mediocre, even stupid at times. The story isn’t boring, but nor is it thrilling, it has none of Argento’s visual magic, the murders aren’t as sophisticated as it’s usual with him. After watching twelve of his seminal films, Argento's cult status escapes me entirely, and it's clear to me that the distinctive Fulci leads the pack in comparison. ()

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