In deze komedie krijgt een ploeterende toneelschrijver, David Shayne, van producent Julian Marx de kans om op Broadway te werken. Marx stelt echter wel enkele voorwaarden. Een talentloze showgirl maar echter wel het liefje van de sponsor en tevens beruchte maffiabaas Viterelli en Broadway-vedette Helen Sinclair (Dianne Wiest) moeten allemaal een rol krijgen. Wanhopig probeert Shayne met de aangeleverde 'sterren' er 't beste van te maken, waarbij de norse bodyguard Cheech zich ook nog ontpopt als 'talentvol' tekstschrijver. Voordat het doek dan ook eindelijk opgaat, vliegen de kogels al in 't rond. (Concorde Film)


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Engels Woody Allen's period stories have become my great certainty. I will have a smile on my face while reading them, sometimes broad, sometimes slightly turned down at the corners by that ubiquitous melancholic mood. And I will definitely avoid making any statements about how "this time the director really showed off" because I fortunately have always seen his love for art, irony towards actresses, and the indispensability of romance. It's just a coincidence that everything came together here on Broadway at such an unbelievably slow pace. As a whole, the shots are traditionally excellent and Allen's language speaks clearly and distinctly. ()


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Engels I know the competition is fierce, but I still think Bullets Over Broadway is one of Woody Allen's best comedies. The unmistakable (not only) black humor in combination with the period gangster atmosphere and great acting performances is simply something for me. Jennifer Tilly and Jim Broadbent are especially great here. ()



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Engels An interesting cabaret-theatre staging, the confused and whiny dialogue that is typical of Woody Allen, the famed Chazz Palminteri doing what he does best, a mobster. Otherwise, unfortunately, it's a boring, hysterical farce with unremarkable protagonists. The already mentioned homage to theatre occasionally comes through, but that doesn't make a film a film. Putting this on for a modern audience is a punishment. ()


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Engels Bullets Over Broadway is a nostalgic, heartwarming celebration of theatre and everything that makes it such a beautiful and complete art form. Woody Allen is in the best form of his life. As I left the cinema, I wanted to hug every equally satisfied viewer and rejoice with them in the wonder that we had just witnessed. Beautiful! ()

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