The story of Loretta Lynn, COAL MINER'S DAUGHTER charts the rise of the queen of country music from her upbringing in backwoods Appalachia to stardom at the Grand Ole Opry. One of eight children, she married at age 13 and was a mother of four at age 20. Shy and naive, she was pushed into music by her husband, Doolittle, who gave her a guitar instead of a ring for their wedding, in what was to be a career that also tracked her complicated relationship with this man. His strengths helped her create numerous hit singles, but his weaknesses inspired such immortal songs as "You Ain't Woman Enough to Take My Man." (officiële tekst van distribiteur)


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Engels This is a movie where the great Sissy Spacek was able to demonstrate her acting mastery and above all, her versatility. She truly deserved the Oscar for her performance. It is wonderful to watch her and believe every transformation, every scene. Tommy Lee Jones is a fantastic partner for her and the film has the right earthiness. ()


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