Quad Gods

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USA, 2024, 90 min (Alternatief 83 min)


Jess Jacklin


Alex Takats


Gary Gunn
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Richard, Blake and Prentice are three New York men with quadriplegia who meet at a Mount Sinai neurological rehabilitation center and later decide to form the first all quadriplegic esports gaming team, calling themselves the Quad Gods. Utilizing adaptive devices to help them access gaming technology, the Quad Gods quickly become fierce competitors while forming a close bond of friendship and support. But gaming is more than just a hobby for them — it’s actually part of a cutting edge neurological rehab process that helps engage the brain in new ways as part of their recovery. This impressive feature film debut from filmmaker Jess Jacklin (and Executive Produced by the Academy Award-nominated filmmaking team of Rachel Grady and Heidi Ewing) paints a vivid portrait of this tenacious team as they recalibrate their sense of identity while navigating New York City and the barriers of ableism they encounter on a daily basis. Providing a unique lens into both gaming and disability, this captivating story challenges assumptions and spotlights the restorative power of resilience, passion and found community. (Tribeca Film Festival)