When the Corellis and Brenners--two completely opposite families--convene to watch their children tie the knot, everything seems too good to be true. But when the Brenner family matriarch dies before the reception has even begun, the boozing Dr. Jules Meecham (Howard Duff) decides that they better wait to break the news to friends and family, and as everyone continues to celebrate, it becomes evident that things aren't what they appear to be on the surface. Affairs are initiated and alcohol is ingested, leading up to a thunderstorm--and the most shocking secret of all. Altman assembles a who's who of American comediennes with this star-studded farce in which he compassionately mocks marriage and family life. (officiële tekst van distribiteur)


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Engels Have you ever tried taking a microscope and observing the swarming of microorganisms on a glass slide? Altman does just that and examines the human species in a specific situation and era on the surface of an extravagant estate during a wedding ceremony, which is meant to unite two snobbish family clans. With undisguised irony, he reveals the mutual connections, relationships, and motivations. Altman's films are often plotless, and his characters do not strive for the viewer's favor or emotional engagement. A Wedding is a satire based on dialogue, which together provides not only information about two families and social relations in wealthy households but also about the relationship of contemporary morality in the 1970s USA. For me, it is one of Altman's most interesting films, even though it may not be for everyone due to its lack of plot and slow pace. Overall impression: 90%. ()


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Engels A Wedding has excellent dialogues. But it’s actually the only thing it has to offer. There is no plot, you will feel no emotions for the characters. But the whole thing really is saved by the script. It’s actually a small-scale flick, but it’s definitely not plain, it’s very original in its own way. The movie is certainly suitable even for people who have never been guests to or protagonists of a wedding. But seeing it once was definitely enough, I don’t think I could handle it again. You see with all the dialogues the movie tends to get a bit boring – it actually gets nowhere from beginning to end; well it gets to the wedding, but that’s pretty much all of it. ()


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