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alle recensies van de gebruiker

Engels Alan Alda took on (not only) filmmakers distorting historical events and it turned out great. Sweet Liberty entertains with his typical humor - gentle, sensitive, ironic and now and then unexpectedly "daring". Plus, when Alda has capable comedic counterparts (Hoskins, Caine and others), it's a joy to watch. I squealed with laughter the most during the scenes of Alda and Caine fencing and Alda and Caine in the car... And the roller coaster ride together with the final battle scene were also perfect. ()



alle recensies van de gebruiker

Engels A good film, unfortunately, from the category of those that do not stick in one's memory for too long. Alan Alda in the lead role and as director takes aim at his own ranks, making fun of the superficiality with which American filmmakers approach historical facts and real events. Unfortunately, sad reality often significantly surpasses the rather mild satire, which could have been much sharper and funnier. It's nicely acted, but as I said, it is a rather harmless toothless affair that will not provoke any irritated reactions from those affected. Overall impression: 60%. ()

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