A group of bourgeois cosmopolitans are invited to a mansion for dinner and inexplicably find themselves unable to leave, in Luis Buñuel's daring masterpiece The Exterminating Angel. Made just one year after his international sensation Viridiana, this is a furthering of Buñuel's wicked takedown of the rituals and dependencies of the frivolous upper classes, full of eerie and hilarious absurdity. (officiële tekst van distribiteur)


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Engels What's remarkable about Luis Buñuel is that even in his surrealist period, he was able to make films that are, in certain respects, strange, but at the same time meaningful and sometimes quite profound, and I don't mean that negatively. This film is about human life, about where we're going, and it's presented interestingly, with a specific style and scenes. ()


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Engels One of Luis Buñuel's lifelong themes was contempt for the so-called "better society," the ruling elite who live off accumulated wealth, social status, connections, and traditions. The lesser-known The Exterminating Angel is similar in this regard to The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie. In the film, Buñuel ridicules the social upper crust, who decide to shut themselves off from the world at one of their parties. It is an allegory of the traditional ruling class's inability to adapt to political and social changes at the fast pace of the 20th century. Overall impression: 95%. ()



alle recensies van de gebruiker

Engels The Exterminating Angel has surprisingly become a film that I have started to return to often in my thoughts. Of course, the only attractive element is the point, but that is enough for many sleepless nights. A subtle, creeping film. ()

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