Ramiro, a rich widower given to drinking, lets himself be exploited by his children Virginia and Eduardo, his lazy brother Ladislao, and his sister-in-law Milagros. In a state of desperation, his brother Gregorio decides to make Ramiro believe he has lost all his money. Now, his family will have to work to survive. (Morelia International Film Festival)

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Engels The second film that Buñuel shot in Mexico is a (wacky) comedy built on the foundation of a family melodrama, a format much favoured by Mexicans. Fernando Soler, a very popular actor in his homeland, plays a wealthy man with a liking for alcohol and the head of a family who decide to teach their provider a lesson. In the context of Mexican culture, the first half of the film is particularly noteworthy, as it downplays the seriousness of that culture firmly rooted in the patriarchy. The father is somewhat socially useless and the hand with which he rules his home is weak. He regains control and assumes his traditional role only after the plan is revealed. Most of the film’s humour comes from Soler’s acting, with good comedic timing, so it’s regrettable that the film drags out the romantic storyline and highlights its naïvely melodramatic component. 60% ()